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    known issues:

    1) my messaging app - when i open it the last txt's are not displayed -- it shows the same txts from 2 weeks ago. So I can't msg back my newest txts. etc

    2) when I switch my phone to silent mode it goes bezerk and starts vibrating like crazy - alternating to mute/non-mute back and forth.

    3) I can't take videos or pics any more -- they just don't store -- the flash goes off etc. but nothing stores -- why ?

    what is going on ? do I run EPR ? or do I doctor ?
    if I doctor, do I lose everything including home brew apps ?
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    It doesn't matter 1.4 just sucks, until they fix the bugs I think we gotta deal with the phone going from good to ****.
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    I can't take pics/vids anymore -- they won't store

    the vid app and camera works they just dont store -- and NO my phone isn't full i have 5 GB free

    plz help or advize
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    I am not having any problems with 1.4. I have kept my Pre generic, no patches.
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    PLEASE someone's gotta help

    what do I do ? doctor ? epr ? both ?

    what will i lose if i doctor my phone? homebrew apps? pics ? downloads? etc.
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    if i doctor how do I do it ? what will I lose ?
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    i can't take any vid/pic (they wont store) how do I fix this ? what should I do ?
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    Do a search. Start with WebOS internals web page and dr it with the instructions found on that page.
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    Do a full erase from the device. Follow that with a WebDr.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    First, reset your phone. I have noticed since webOS 1.4, after running MotionApps Classic Palm OS emulator, after I quite using the Classic, that the Photos app does not work. It will show that my Photo Roll is empty and even when I take pictures, it doesn't show up on Photos until after I reset the phone. Hold on the power button for a few seconds and select Power, then select Reset. If that doesn't work, then use webOS repair utility.

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