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    had my bachelorr party this wkend. Woke up yesterday with what looked like a huge crack on the face of my phone. Bummed,depressed, and upset over the abuse I put on my poor pre I realized that it's actually a scratch in the plastic screen covers. Sob those things actually work. Feeling much better now sorry I'm not ranting about battery life or facebook stuff. Have a nice day.
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    Hah! Good to hear they work.

    I've been thinking of getting one. What brand was it? Are they hard to apply?
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    It has to be a certain cover I guess. I am a launch day owner, I had an Invisashield on mine for a short time, hated it. I helped sell two Pre Plus's to a friend last week, she brought it to me and said "teach me how to use it" and I immediately could tell she put an invisashield on it. Gesture sensitivity cut in half, finger drags instead of glides. I am using mine naked, I'd rather take the chance than lose functionality.
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    Agreed. I have a Zaggz invisible shield (full body) and I honestly can't tell it's there unless I look VERY closely around the edges. Screen sensitivity seems the same and it's very 'smooth', lol. Definately worth the $40 total I paid to buy it and have it "professionally" installed. My pre still looks brand new, the shield itself doesn't even have a single scratch or scuff.
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    My Pre is naked also. My brother had a screen protector since launch day and when I got mine it reminded him of how well it functions and feels so he removed it. I have those tiny scratches from normal use but I'm pretty careful with it so hopefully I won't regret not having one.
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    I love my invisishield, the touch response still works well, yes sliding is a little different but not a problem at all.
    Well worth it to protect the screen of a phone that will last at least 1.5 years
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    i say get one. at least for the screen. i got mine at best buy mobile for 16.00 then had them install it, an extra 7.00. I have put on two for myself and can never get all the air bubbles out. so the last time i had a pro install. well worth it. also it will help on the resale value if i decide to sell when i get the new palm grand prix. lol
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    I had the Invisashield on my Pre before I got it replaced due to a broken volume button.

    Zagg replaced my shield no questions asked.

    I just haven't decided if I'm going to put it back on.

    The cover protects the screen really well and did not lose any functionality that I could tell, but the phone does look a lot sleaker without it.

    I will say this the screen gets smudged and greesy a whole lot more without the protector. The protector made the phone virtually streak free.

    So who knows if illl go through the hassel of putting it back on or not.
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    I have the invishield and it's well worth it. It really protects the screen from drops, keys in the pocket and I notice no loss of sensitvity. Put it on myself and did it on the first try. no issues. bought it at Pre central, too!
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    I have a Skinomi, was relatively cheap and covers the front. Was easy to apply and no finger prints. Finger doesn't slide as well as it being naked but it still looks as sleek as the day it was bought!
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    i had an invisishield on my and woke up from a party and too see what appeared to be a huge crack in the screen, i dealt with it not wanting to pay 100 deductible. I was at the mall a few weeks ago and seen a kiosk for is and they replace them for free since mine was started to scratch i was shocked when he pulled the is of my phone, no crack and it looked brand new. Also my sensitivity didnt decrease at all, for the first day or so it was a little grippy but i got used to it and recommend it!
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    Got Ghost Armor for my Pre and happy with it.
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    I use the boxwave crystal clear and it feels exactly like a naked pre. Plus when you order from them they send you two models to choose from. I've had it on for about 3 months now it it still looks great.
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    Ill be getting a screen cover for my pre soon. Im glad to hear they actually work.
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    I put a little Turtle Wax on the Clear Coat protector I have installed and it stops any stickiness when sliding my finger.
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    Zagg InvisibleShield here, got the full body, just using the front part right now. Might apply the backside later, but I really never get that many scratches on the back. Lucky, I guess, I dunno.

    Little sticky, yes, doesn't have that "glide" feel the naked Pre screen does, but I don't even notice it now. The only thing that annoys me somewhat is the shield isn't smooth visually, with the screen off it's pretty obvious there's a protector on there. Big deal, I didn't buy the phone with the intention of waving it around at everybody. Easy enough to explain that the actual screen is nice and glossy.

    Wasn't too difficult to put on, if you follow instructions carefully. I managed to get a piece of lint on the glue side, meh. I'll deal with a little tiny dot I can't really see without actively looking for it......saved me $10 in installation. Granted, I've done quite a few screen protector installs over the years.

    I'd say get one, well worth it.
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    Zagg on my Pre since June, still looks brand new. For the first couple days it was a little tacky but after it dried out it was fine, no loss in sensitivity.
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    Using PhamtonSkinz since wk 1 on my Palm Pre Plus, back and front. Read many forum hints AND the hints from the website on installing and had no trouble at all. Took my time, followed directions (well, mostly), and it looks great. NO change in touch sensitivity. Hubby just got a Pre Plus, and the ordered PhantonSkinz arrived today. I will let HIM put them on lol. Usually can find an internet coupon too.
    Works like nothing else!
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    One day before my invisible shield arrived in the mail, I accidentally dropped the phone in the parking lot. I got a small chip in the screen. The invisible shield is on there to stay. My phones won't go naked again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edlex View Post
    I use the boxwave crystal clear and it feels exactly like a naked pre. Plus when you order from them they send you two models to choose from. I've had it on for about 3 months now it it still looks great.
    Same here. I started with a Zagg one but didn't care for it.
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