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    Hi guys,

    Since yesterday I have noticed that my 2 day old Pre and Touchstone are having some issues communicating with each other.

    When I connect the Pre to the Touchstone, the battery starts charging. After a few minutes, I hear the tone to indicate that it has stopped charging again. A few seconds later it starts charging again.

    1. Has anyone else had issues with this?
    2. Could this be that the phone has fully charged, slightly discharged while on the touchstone, and therefore starts charging again?

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    Are you lining up the palm logos on both devices? It will snap when in place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddball View Post
    Are you lining up the palm logos on both devices? It will snap when in place.
    Yep, been doing that.

    Just put it on the touchstone at 10:28. 10:29 it dropped in an out again, and again about 15sec later.
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    return the stone.
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    I have a similar problem with one of my two touchstones. It does the chime off and on(only when fully charged) till I take it off, my other touchstone works fine.

    I feel my problem is from the touchstone and if I were you I'd go for a replacement touchstone. I can't replace mine, cuz 20bucks used and working is good for me.
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    It seems that multiple people are experiencing this phenomenon (including a friend who works at O2 in Germany). It could be a problem with the last version of WebOS dealing with the Touchstone at 100%, but who knows.
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    mine used to work well, but lately it has been difficult for it to keep the connection steady. I've been very annoyed.
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    My cheap used one also did this. Put a bit of paper in between the phone and the stone and it will work. If not fold it is half.
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    Mine'll do that if it's not lined up well. Take it off, and drop it back on again a few seconds later. Give it that little bit of time for the Pre to realize it's not still charging.
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    my first touchstone did it, as well as my replacement is doing it. It's only when it's above 95% charge, and when it hits 100% charge it's doing it all the time.

    I'm starting to think maybe it's a 1.4 issue with charging... I don't know.

    But it's annoying, it can't be the touchstone since my 2nd one is even doing it so I have no idea
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    i hate waking up only to see my battery is at 40% it almost ruins my day because i know i wont go more than 2 hours with my phone. i dont understand why it goes in and out, and sometimes never back in.

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