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    im still fairly new to the palm pre but finding out it is the best smartphone in the market...just my opinion. anyway, i just installed webOS quick install and preware. only reason why i decided to give it a try was cause i really wanted a virtual keyboard. i've been looking in the patches and have only found 1 patch yet, on youtube i have seen 3 or 4 different variations of a virtual keyboard. my question is, where can i find them? am i not looking in the right place? i would like to try out other keyboards to see what the difference is. if anyone can point me to the right direction i would gratefully appreciate it!

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    there is one in Preware and i think a couple more in the App Store. im not 100% on the App Store ones though since its been a month or two since i noticed them in there.
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    the other keyboards are in app catalog but overall they are inferior IMO and cost money
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    yea ive seen a few in the official app catalog. only that comes close to being a native virtual keyboard is WOG o.s.k. which runs in the dashboard(notification tray).

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