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    I went to Alabama for work and i did not have Sprint signal and I believe I was roaming on altel tower because the verizon store you can see all the altell old stuff.I was on roam all the time and no 3g or data at all, no mms or email or internet only on wifi.My friend blackberry show data no 3g ,but 1x and he was able to send and receive mms on data and emails.My question is blackberry plan different from the pre . Is the blackberry client adding something else?
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    R and 1x are different. you can still get all those data things on 1x.
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    but it will be slower on 1x though.
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    better than nothing.
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    yeah i guess, why not you roam for free right lol.
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    But I don't even got 1x.He did with his blackberry I was only on roam and no data.He was on roam and data.
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    was he getting 1x or 1X?
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    what is the "R"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Popper668 View Post
    what is the "R"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    was he getting 1x or 1X?
    Hey was you being serious with this, or is it for giggles
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    Hey was you being serious with this, or is it for giggles

    too tired and too busy playing Battlefield for jokes.

    and, if i wanted giggles, i would have gave the guy who asked what "R" meant a hard time
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    did you have 'data roaming' enabled in the phone preferences?
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    ya I've had data roaming turn off sometimes. Go to ur phone app. Then go to the sprint menu on the top left. Then go to pref. And under data roaming go to enabled.

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