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    They are mad that Palm might go "belly up" or is losing so much money quarterly... yet these same people drop palm and decide to buy an Android, Blackberry or Iphone... which will only further hurt palm's financial problems... It makes no sense at all.

    Just because a company like palm might be going through some troubles, doesn't change how great the WebOS is. The App collection might be small, but that is because it needs a larger customer base... if people continue to leave or not buy palm...the app catalog will not grow very much.
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    i am a webOS fan i think its amazing but if HTC builds hardware that i prefer more then palms,Im going to jump ship . maybe palm will see what some of us want and for me its quality hardware and quality OS . maybe they should they should take a page from Google and let other hardware companies use there webOS not just of smart phones but get in the tablet arena right now before its to late . i would also say to anyone who wants a great phone at a great price you cant beat the price that the carriers are selling palm devices at.

    also who cares about Apple and there infinite app catalog of garbage apps .
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    Competition is competition, you can't get upset at someone's hardware preferences/loyalty. Consumers are only human, and whatever attracts them, they will make a decision that's best for them. WIth me, its a "believe it when I see it" situation.
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    I do agree with the statement about switching, to an extent. If it were an investor that was upset at poor stock performance, and decided to bail out now, and maybe sell the product, I could see some anger there. People don't like to lose money, but the game, you stand a good chance of losing big time.

    As for the others that aren't investors, claim to be Palm fans that want the company to succeed, but have either sold their Pre/Pixi, refuse to buy a new one when upgrade time hit, and generally trash the company in full public view.........yeah, that's an oxymoron. If you love a company and their product, you root for them even at the worst times, until you just can't do it anymore. You can't expect a company to succeed if you're actively driving away the very people who could make a turnaround......the new buyers looking to us for recommendations.

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