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    i can't figure this out for the life of me and it's really ****ing me off.

    i got all my contacts off of my old Palm Treo 680 from the desktop softwere.
    Now, I would like all of those contacts to be in my Palm Profile how do i transfer them.

    Also, why isn't there a desktop version for the PRE that i could organize my whole phone and back it up onto my computer and not the cloud as they call it.
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    This might help with your first program:
    Palm - Move Calendar and Contacts to your new webOS™ phone

    If you want to back up your data I would recommend syncing to google and then using something to back that up. Google Sync services that might help.
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    I assume what you actually mean is "why isn't there a *free* desktop version for the PRE". To quote the Palm website here:

    Palm - Sync with your existing desktop organizer using add-on software

    "Your webOS™ phone was designed to sync with web-based accounts rather than a local computer. But if you're hooked on your old desktop organizer, you may be able to find a third-party solution that connects your phone with your desktop software."

    IMHO, you're missing one of the nicer aspects of webOS if you insist on desk-top-syncing. I know there's plenty of reasons why people want/need this ... that's a shame. I've thoroughly enjoyed using Google for both contacts and calendar.
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    You need to look at CompanionLink software and transfer everything to Google calendars and Google Contacts. IMO forget about the Palm Profile and use Google as your default PIM.

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