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    Hi everyone

    Iīme having some trouble opening certain files.

    My pre wonīt open the .pps files I receive by mail... the only way to open them is by saving them, and while doing this, changing the extension to .ppt, which is quite annoying... The thing is that all power point files I receive are .pps instead of .ppt

    The pre doesnīt open .wmv files either, and I do get quite some of them too through email... It tells me thereīs not an application to open them... I thought these were common enough files so that any device would open them

    It would be nice to have an application that would open all short of media files like the one I used to have in a prior WM phone (Core Media Player)

    Iīm I doing something wrong or is it just that way?

    Thanks for the help

    P.S. Is there a way to view these .ppt files in lanscape view? I didnīt see anything in preferences nor a patch for this
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    I think to open wmv files Palm would need to license the codec from Microsoft. I assume that is a lot of money, though I don't know for sure.
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    Re: Supported document attachments not opening on ... - Palm Support Community

    Posted by tagz (Moderator)
    "Yeah PPS is not supported."
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    Thanks for those answers guys

    Hopefully a future app will allow for all shorts of media openning

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