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    Not a huge deal, but i wish the pre did a few things to make it easier to stay in landscape mode. Like be able to access the drop down menus to access copy and pastes. Also maybe the launcher icons would turn 90 to be oriented properly.
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    Most of the apps aren't really landscape-friendly either. That's one of the big polish things the WebOS platform is missing versus iPhone and Android. But making native apps like Music Player more landscape friendly would also take a big step toward correcting this.
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    +1 also.
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    music remix is pretty landscape friendly.
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    i feel like making the pre more landscape friendly wouldnt be too good an idea at least yet since palm hasnt released a way to enter text in landscape (yet?)
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    I don't mind the lack of landscape myself, because it's very very rare that I want to use the device in landscape mode anyway.

    The main exception is the lock screen. I really wish that this displayed the clock in landscape so that I could actually read the clock while lying in bed without my glasses on.

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