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    Well now that tethering is free for customers in Canada, it seems that the only way to tether is through blutooth, which is inconvenient. Are there any wifi hot-spot solutions for Bell pres? I'm eager to use this feature, as the last time I checked it was an extra 8 cents a kilobyte(w t f), now it's no extra charge.
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    fyi: Tethering is only free for people signing up for new contracts. If you signed up for your contract before about 3 weeks ago, you do not have free tethering.
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    depends on your plan, no?

    I have the old student fab10 plan with unlimited browser/internet ... That old plan doesn't include tethering. Only the newer and way moer expensive data plans have the free tethering.
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    I have the 50$ 500 mb data plan

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