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    Which should I Get? I know if I get a larger battery the case wont fit properly. I want to protect my phone though too. Which would you guys get?
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    My current battery is the Mugen 1400 mAh which is the same physical size as the stock Pre 1150 mAh. I'm not entirely sure if the added capacity is noticeable or not, it's been awhile since I used my stock battery but others have claimed that they do get a few extra hours out of it.

    As far as a case, I carry my phone in my pocket and use the Smartphone Experts Ultra Slim Pocket Pouch and I've been pretty satisfied with it.
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    Just get an extra standard battery and a case. You should be able to find both for less than the giant battery costs and the phone will still stay trim.
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    I really dont want to carry around another battery though and I want my phone to last a good amount longer. I was thinking about the 2600 but I cant have a case. Which is a better buy?
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    Seidio will allow you to get both.

    or just get the extended battery and a skin on the front.
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    Seidio also have an extended battery case, as well as Zagg who have an extended Invisible Shield option (not sure about the specifics on this though, it may/may not be the Seidio battery it is compatible with)

    What I would do is get the 1400 mAh battery and swap, or get the 2600 and get a Skinomi/Zagg/Phantomskinz/Bodyguardz.... for the front. (Lots of choices for the screen protection.)
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    Hmm tonight I'll look over the prices

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