View Poll Results: What are you sucessfully using on a Sprint ver 1.4 Pre?

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  • MyTether

    68 57.14%
  • FreeTether

    14 11.76%
  • Mobile Hot Spot

    18 15.13%
  • Mobile Hot Spot & FreeTether (or other combo, pls specify)

    19 15.97%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Depends on what your definition of "work" is.

    I use it just fine, but I am only interested in USB tethering -- works just find. I've also heard some are able to get BlueTooth tethering to work with it. But, it does not do "hotspot" wifi tethering.
    Thank you, but do you know where I can find it?
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    Likewise, is Freetether available via Preware?
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    I use MyTether, and it works great. When I'm in a well covered 3G area, I can't tell much of a difference between my laptop tethered to my Pre and my home WiFi network. Very responsive, very fast, very easy.

    I don't know why so many people are having problems, but all I can guess is that you're doing it wrong.
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    mytether seems a tad slower than it used to but perhaps I have it setup incorrectly. Haven't had time to research it but it still works pretty good.
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    i tried getting the free mytether and freetether working today to do usb tethering. No luck, every time i open mytether, EVDO shuts down... YAY!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColbyM View Post
    Does FreeTether work on webOS 1.4? If yes, where can I find it?
    Worked perfectly for me on 1.4. Wifi and USB both.
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    I just downloaded Mobile Hotspot and it took me about 10 mins and runs great. Best part is that it is also free. I went to and logged in to the forums there and followed the directions in the link below.
    If the link doesn't work do a search for "freetether" then go to the thread by thomascoe titled "HOW TO: Install Mobile Hotspot on a Sprint Pre"
    Hope this works for you. I had to use mine unexpectedly this morning at the airport and it really came through. With a good 3G signal my Macbook is superfast with this.
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    i use a combination of free tether and MHS on my sprint pre and it works fine
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    I will try free tether. My tether and virtual keyboard are the two apps that give me the most grief.
    I don't know if it is a windows 7 issue, but my tether takes forever identifying. Sometimes it says comnected but there is no internet connection. I turned on enable ip forwarding and that worked once and then it was back to the same thing again. Either way it takes way too long identifying, if any one has a solution for this identifying issue, plaease let me know.
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    I have a sprint palm pre and mobile hotspot works great for me on 1.4 am I the only one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yickyaddy View Post
    I have a sprint palm pre and mobile hotspot works great for me on 1.4 am I the only one?
    I use the same as you. Works great.
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    I am currently using Mobile Hot Spot on my Sprint Pre tethering with my iPad. Everything works fine minus the fact that I am only getting around 200kbps down. Does FreeTether or MyTether solve this issue?
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    I've only used Mobile Hotspot (the hacked Verizon one) on my Sprint Pre. Works fine. I've not used the others. So my question is, does one pose a better battery life over another? Mobile Hotspot guzzles battery.
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    Verizon recently upgraded me to a pre 2 from a plus, and when I had the pre plus I mostly used the hotspot. Now that I have the pre 2 I only use freetether, since vz doesn't offer the free hotspot for the pre 2. In my experience they both use a LOT of juice, since the concept is relatively the same for both. This is only my personal experience and I haven't done any actual tests on it. Hope it helps.
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    Do any of them work with a gen3 kindle? Lol my netbook can sync, but I can't get my kindle to

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    Installed FreeTether and I like it over Mobile Hotspot. It has not only wifi but also usb (cable) and bluetooth options which Mobile Hotspot does not. I did like that I can see who's connected to my phone on Mobile Hotspot on the same screen over how FreeTether shows is, which is in another screen (tab).
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    I am using mhs now on pre-, have for prolly a year, never gotten the kindle3 to sync with it. Tried freetether, wasn't able to get the kindle to sync either... Am I missing a limitation with the kindle? Netbook works fine with both. Anyone else? I have 2 kindles in the house, neither will work

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    If you have Preware, all you need to do is to install FreeTether;works great via Wifi to my laptop. Haven't tried it using USB or Bluetooth.
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