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    3D Gaming!!!!!

    As a Best Buy sales consultant, I have the opportunity to talk to the "common folk about what they like in a cell phone. I recently talked to a gentleman coming in who wanted to know the difference between the Droid and the new Motorola devour and how they compared to the iPhone. I said they were very comparable in certain areas, however, in the area of 3D gaming, the only thing that comes close to the iPhone's platform is the Palm Pre Plus. I quickly whipped out my Pre and showed him the Need For Speed EA game and let him try it out. He was BLOWN away at the graphics and ended up getting a Pre just based off 3D gaming. I truly feel this is ONE of the MAJOR selling points palm needs to market. And, there's another Pre out in the world now
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    Great job in promoting the phone, need more people like you.

    You also told him how great webos was right.... :-p
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    3d graphics seems to be how non tech people judge how powerful a computer is.

    show 3d gaming while multitasking to iphone and android users and they will identify that with the power of the pre.
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    Great job, indeed!

    I wish Palm would capitalize on this!
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    Nice job! Did you mention Pre Central? This is such a great resource for Pre owners that it would be great to mention to folks as they make the transition.
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    I'm still hoping that the new Palm ad is just one of a series of ads, with others to come (soon) such as a businessman (yes, a man) using a Pre for actual productive work (which, of course, would be so much more powerful with Docs to Go, but that's another topic) and then a teenager or young adult playing a 3D game.

    In the latter case, he (yes, he) could be playing the game and then receive a call from a parent, say about homework, and then return to the game when the call is over. Lots of possibilities, but I agree: 3D games are huge, and they also help differentiate webOS from Android (in the very short term; this advantage won't last forever).
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    Totally showed him WebOS and how awesome it is and he knows of Precentral.

    I think the main issue with WebOS right now is not that people aren't adopting or liking it. But that the message of just how great it is is just not getting out.

    People just aren't aware of this great OS.
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    I'm really surprised we didn't see any gaming commercials after CES 2010. This was huge news for them and probably a result of a lot of work.

    We've gotten the truly awful Mom commercials that probably managed to decrease sales (simply incredible). The latest one, while hip, is about a woman buying shoes and focuses maps!?...for far too long. C'mon..a woman walking buying shoes who needs a map? And the maps app on webOS is far from the best.

    WebOS on a slate is obvious. A commercial about just one of Palm's strengths..3D games & even more obvious. It about makes you want to drive down to Palm's HQ and smack someone upside the head.

    Still, water under the bridge right? I don't think they can turn the tide now. Past that point of no return and all. I'm all for a Palm marriage with HTC.
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    man glad to see your post! you are the man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Still, water under the bridge right? I don't think they can turn the tide now. Past that point of no return and all. I'm all for a Palm marriage with HTC.
    I don't agree with you 100% that things are quite that bleak. But, I'd not be too upset if HTC were to acquire Palm--it might be a shortcut to seeing webOS survive and even thrive. In other words, right or wrong that Palm can't survive on their own, I'd rather see a quicker resolution than waiting months before making a longer-term decision.

    And, really, since Palm's most impressive work has been with webOS--and, it is impressive work--that wouldn't even strike me as a failure on their part. HTC could essentially leave them alone to develop webOS while they provide the hardware, and also benefit tremendously from Palm's patents. Everybody wins.

    And that would be a very potent competitor to the iPhone and particularly Android, something I think everybody would like to see. Heck, maybe even Gizmodo would have something good to say about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Great job, indeed!

    I wish Palm would capitalize on this!
    Yes! Great job OP!
    And i also couldnt agree more with you BMIC50!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    So wait a minute - the droid can't do 3d games like the PRE??? NO Freaking way....That needs to be selling point....PRE DOES!
    It can, there just aren't any. Well, there's one so far, that I know of.

    There's a bunch of limitations in the way of things, basically.

    First of all, Android can only install to its internal memory, usually limiting it to 256MB on most devices. There's a workaround to that, where you download a small program from the Marketplace, and then the app itself downloads the data files it needs, but that means that the developer has to pay for the hosting of those files.

    Secondly, most applications are done in Java on Android. However, there is an NDK, similar to the Palm PDK. But the NDK didn't support OpenGL ES 2.0 until the most recent release.

    And finally, there's the fact that devices all have radically different hardware (most running ARM11 CPUs), so they basically can only target the Droid or Nexus One or better.
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    Great Work Opp. I wish every Verizon, Sprint, Radio Shack, & Best Buy sales rep were more like you... Every sale matters at this point, keep up the great work!

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