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    My videos are coming out with audio slightly ahead of video. Anyone else?
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    Yes, I've notice that too.
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    It's not happening all the time, but on out of the 10 vids I shot since 1.4, about 3 of them have had this issue. Perhaps a reboot bight fix...temporarily.
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    I'm having the same issue. Also the camera app takes forever to take a photo and the shutter sound is delayed by a second or two.
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    I agree, the camera app is slow and delayed shutter for me also. Perhaps this is related.
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    I shot some video at a poetry reading and when I went to edit in Premiere on the PC, I was shocked to see that the audio was radically out of sync from the picture. I'm going to try iMovie on my MBP, but if it's still jacked up, I may need to slip the audio manually into sync. What a PITMFA that's gonna be.

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