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    Hi there,
    I have a unlocked German Palm pre.
    Recently I updated my pre version from to 1.4.
    After that updation whenever I try to make a call,my phone goes blank ie the screen turns blank and I can't see anything on it,it stop responding.
    I downgrade the version to by using web doctor.
    Even after that the problem is persisting.
    So if some one can help me in finding out why this is happening and how can I solve it,it would be very helpful.
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    This sound slike the same problem I am having...
    in Device Info, pull down the Tests - Quick Tests menu and run it. I suspect that you will get a hardware failure - 20 - Modem.

    I called Palm and they want me to return the phone. I heard a rumour that Palm have been re-locking some phones, but I don't know how true this is.

    I will still prefer to see what others say here before I go down that route though.

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