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    Just saw a iphone commercial making it seem as it can multitask. Saying you can do all these things while you are on hold w someone on the phone. Pre is still missing the boat on showing the average person what it can truly do and the iphone cant.
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    The Iphone can multitask, but not like webos. It's limit is playing a game or web browsing while playing music.
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    The iPhone's lack of multitasking is artificially imposed by Apple and not a limitation of the device.. "This behavior is prevented by the iPhone OS' security model, which is designed to close the current app whenever the user returns to the Home screen or accepts an incoming call. This design prevents apps from being able to run in the background without the user knowing, and therefore erases any real potential for spyware, adware and viruses."

    "The system's phone, SMS, email, iPod, voice recorder, Nike+, and certain other bundled apps can continue in the background while the user launches another app. However, third party titles obtained from the App Store (including apps from Apple, such as Remote or iDisk) can not be launched at the same time."

    AppleInsider | Apple's iPhone 4.0 software to deliver multitasking support
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    that is not called multitasking.

    most phones Palm Treo's could have a phone call going on speaker and I couls send texts. Look up contacts. Look in calender.
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    my brothers CRACKED iphone does multitask and he even have the card thing the pre has. if u see his phone with out seeing the apple logo on it you would swear it wasnt an iphone. both him n i hate da REG iphone and me personally will never get an iphone plus i love my pre more n more everyday. cracked or not im good on the iphone ill stiick to webOS and my PRE. but does anyone remember the original N-GAGE people talked soo much crap about. i personally think it was ahead of its time. i remember taking the train and being on my phone talking to my GF playing the original tomb raider on it while listening to MP3's that my GF would hear too. u might ask why the hell would i wanna hear music and talk on the phone? well i would have it low so it was a decent vol and also i was 16ish n thought it was cool lol. i loved that phone and the pre is the closest to it and surpassed it by far.

    my 10 cents LOL

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