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    Hi all- I haven't found a post that really applies to my situation...

    Starting a few days ago I noticed that I'm no longer getting a timestamp with my text messages. Even ones I got several hours ago have no time on them. I don't have any patches/apps installed that realate to anything to do with texting or timestamps.

    Up until a few days ago I received my texts with a time stamp that stayed for a few days...and then as the days wore on it would change to last week, 2 weeks ago...etc. Now I only have the yesterday, last week...and no timestamp for current texts.

    Anyone else expierancing this?
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    Same problem here man.
    It messed me up. I had a friend text me on Thurs @ 11:30am but I never saw the message until 12:30am on Friday so when I saw the message it didn't have a time, it just said THURS so I assumed he texted me late at like 11:30pm.

    "Dude I sent that in the morning."

    What gives? Why can't we have time stamps for at least 2 days?

    EDIT: This is stupid! I just checked a convo I had yesterday and because Saturday is the last day of the week, the entire convo has one time stamp that just says "LAST WEEK" with no times at all. >=[
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    I'm trying the Timestamp Builtin patch on Preware, will say how it works in a few min...

    EDIT: Beautiful, it works like a charm!
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    "Timestamps - Clean" works very nicely for me.
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