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    I am new to using this Palm Pre device which has a service provider from Sprint.

    Some of my questions here might be wrong, correct me since I am a novice user:

    1) By default when I buy a Palm Pre and have a wireless/phone account with Sprint,
    do I automatically get an account from Sprint for email ?

    2) The calendar icon what I see on the Palm Pre, is it tied up to any email id or default profile ?
    If yes what is the name of the default profile ?

    3) If I add my Microsoft exchange email account to this Palm Pre, and do a sync , it does get
    my emails and calendar from my work email to Palm Pre. Now does my local Palm Pre have
    its own calendar apart from the exchange email calendar what I added ?

    4) If there are 2 calendars in my Palm Pre, one from default Palm Pre(Sprint) and another from
    my work(microsoft exchange) email account, can both of these can be synced to my computer outlook calendar ? So any changes I do either on my default Calendar on my Palm Pre and Microsoft Exchange Calendar and I do a sync all the events should show up on my local PC's Outlook 2007 ? If YES how can this be done ?
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    1. I don't think so. I didn't get one.

    2. It will be automatically tied to your Palm profile. However, you may later configure it to your Google Calendar or MS Exchange Calendar (and maybe others).

    3. Yes, the Palm profile is considered your local calendar. But you can make the Exchange Calendar the default calendar.

    4. See #3 to avoid doing this.

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