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    I want to weigh in on the Pre form factor. I think the form factor is perfect! It is best compromise between screen size and weight. It fits perfectly in my hand and is just the right weight. It sits in my Palm belt clip or in my pocket without weighing me down.

    I find the screen just the right size for my purposes. I have no problem with any of my apps and web browsing is fine, especially with the ability to pinch and zoom. And I have 63-year old eyes. If the screen were any bigger the phone would have to be bigger and more unwieldy.

    The keyboard works great for me. I have average guy hands and have no problem typing. I tend to use the two-thumb fingernail approach. I'll admit I don't type long messages, but for email or text it works fine for me.

    Some people seem to complain about the plastic body, but it is the plastic that keeps it light weight. I had the opportunity to play with a Droid recently and it felt like a brick in my hand - too big and heavy. I wouldn't want to carry around that thing all day. I'll admit it was faster, but my life is not so frantic that a 5 second difference in opening apps is all that important. When I do need quick apps, I just leave the all the apps I want open (that's the beauty of WebOS multi-tasking).

    Finally, let me say, once again, that I have a Sprint launch-day Pre with no build problems (except for a lost usb door). I love my Pre and hope that the next model isn't a big, heavy slab.
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    Pre's form factor is perfect for me_ also. But it seems that most people prefer landscape keyboards.

    I think Palm's product portfolio (refering to form factors) will be perfect with a landscape slider, talking about phones with physical keyboard.
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    It's working fine for me as well. I'm used to Treo keyboards, always exposed portrait setup, and I don't have a real fondness for sliders (they all fail eventually), but I agree. Took me a few days to adjust to the slight differences, like the keyboard being recessed, the shorter height keys, little stuff, but I'm definitely hooked now.

    I'd like to see the formfactor remain the same, since I'm more a fan of threaded messaging on a portrait screen over the same style on a landscape. Just some mild hardware improvements on the next model, which I'm sure Palm will do.

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