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    Apolgies if this is covered in another post but my laptop is broken and doesn't stay alive long enough for me to search!

    My palm pre has had issues before but i have web doctored it and it works fine. Have the latest update with video, no patches/themes or homebrew apps on it at all.

    I have had no issues with the video or camera until today. I took a 2 min video and it was very poor quality when played back (fuzzy picture and sound out of time)

    ignored this and took some more pictures. whilst i was taking a picture the phone shut down (the screen kinda disintergrated) so i rebooted using sym orange and R. Phone powered on but now i cannot take a picture. it says 'disk full' even tho only 6.6 out of 8 mb is being used.
    It will not let me delete pictures either, it says 'cannot delete image'

    I have rebooted and powered down/ taken battery out, but doesnt seem to fix the issue.

    Not sure what to do. I really dont want to doctor my phone as because my laptop is in a bad way i had troubles doctoring it before.

    Any suggestions?! Thanks in advance
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    even though no one has replied, to anyone who has this issue i have figured out a solution

    use usb drive on computer to delete all pictures (i found about 5 were corrupt as they would not display or delete either using computer or phone)
    then i did a usb erase using the device info - reset options - erase usb

    seems to be fine now

    make sure u backup anything u want to save.

    hope this helps anyone with similar issue

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