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    My name is Ahmed,I live in sweden, I just owan a pre for less than 1 week ago, I used to use Treo 650 during the last 5 years.I face few problems with Pre,First, The App catalog comes Empty,I cant download any apps throuh it,Ive contact Palm support,They told me that as Pre is not released in Sweden yet,so I will not be able to use it.
    The second problen is to organise the MEmos, are there any software letting me organise the Memos to help me in my work as a doctor?
    Document to go ?How can I get it to my Pre?

    I appreciate if you can help me, My mail
    Many thanks
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    Hello, the unavailability of the App Catalogue is the bane of 'non-official users' and has been extensively discussed in the GSM section of Precentral.
    Your best bet would be to make do with PreCentral's homebrew apps.
    The best replacement for Memos is ClassicNotes.
    You might also be interested in this blogpost:
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    Sorry, But I am just a doctor, whyou mean by ClassicNotes?Where can I find it?
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    All the info including the links are in the blogpost I mentioned
    Sorry there is no easier way. This is precisely the reason why Palm is losing potential sales by not allowing 'non-official' users access to the App catalogue (just the free downloads including Epocrates for WebOS, Lexi etc which would be so important for medical users). It also hurts developers like Classic who could make more sales from medical users who have purchased unlocked Gsm Palm Pres to replace ageing TXs etc.
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    Whoops. Apologies. The blogpost I mentioned earlier is the wrong one. This is the one featuring Classic Notes
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    Thanks any ways for your reply, I will try to orient me with that blog, What about document to go?Any solusion?
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    No solution unless you run it in Classic. But since you can't access the App Catalogue there is no official way to get it
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    Thanks, I find out that I can use Tasks as notes so far, I faild to run classicNote as it must go through App Catalogue!!!!!!
    I hope I can manage it or back to my old Treo 650. Many thanks again
    Best regards
    Ahmed Shalabi
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    if you setup WebOS quickinstall on your PC, then you can instal it as an ipk which you download from PreCentral homebrew

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