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    Hi everyone,

    Just upgraded to a Palm Pre from my Palm Treo Pro (webOS 1.4.0).

    I have noticed that when I turn off the screen using the power button (quick press), then I cannot turn it back on for around 10 seconds or so. Pressing the power button doesn't seem to register anything.

    If I leave the device sitting around for a while and then just pick it up and press the on button, then the screen lights up again immediately. Therefore I do not believe this to be a problem with the power button.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a workaround?

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    It's possible your power button is malfunctioning. I have read about that on these forums. Another possibility is that the software just doesn't react very quickly. It happens to me sometimes, too. I press the power button and the screen takes a bit to come on, other times sliding the phone open makes the screen take sometimes up to 5-8 seconds to appear. Weird. I don't know of any workaround...I think this might just be standard operating procedure with webOS and the Pre.
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    ive just tryd this and i have no problem at all (im actually on my pre right now)i can simply press the power button twice and get the unlock screen ie swipe up to unlock
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    If I hit the power button to turn the screen off, then press it again immediately to turn it on, there's a delay of a second or two. It takes a little bit for the OS to confirm the screen is indeed off to allow it to turn it back on...........if that even made a word of sense.
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    Yeah, I think the phone is just resetting. I noticed it on mine too, did not think anything of it at the time.
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    Nope. It's a bug with 1.4. Before 1.4, I was able to press the power button multiple times within 10 seconds and it would flash almost immediately almost every time. In 1.4, it lags at times when doing so and sometimes restarts Luna. It's a bug (it doesn't always happen) and should be fixed in the upcoming patch. There is nothing wrong with your phone. Try a hard reset by pressing "orange button + Sym + R" or by holding the power button hitting restart.
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    Mine does same at times is very annoying !!
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    What does this button do?

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    Mine was doing the same thing until eventually it just would not turn on. Had to use the doctor for 1.4. All is good so far.
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    I used the 1.4 doctor last night for a complete reimage, and now the problem is gone. So if anyone else is suffering this problem, go for a reinstall.


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