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    Ok so i dunno im thinkin about getting a different phone i have the pre and love it but the hardware is just not sturdy enough, i need a phone that i can put in my jeans pocket and not get OREO syndrome, so what im saying is im looking to get a brick style phone, and i dont want a ****ty os, and i definetly dont want the iphone, so im clearly gonna have to get a Android, and the only one thats on my network and matches that description is the HTC Hero so yeah let me know what u think.... opinions PLEASE.
    -Beau Denison
    <<<< WebOS Represent >>>>
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    you are gonna get burned for this thread my friend just a heads up..

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    just stay till the summer. And you are going to get burned for this.
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    only because there are many totally immature people on this forum who get offended by anyone saying he is leaving the platform.
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    yeah when you talk about ur droping palm it's taboo ....
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    My opinion is that after using WebOS, you're not going to like the Android OS. It's crap compared to this. Get a pouch for you're Pre.

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