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    First off I Love the webOS it is amazing great job palm . but here is what i would consider my dream device .keep everything from the original Pre just add these things .I'm sure i will forget somethings but here I go

    A large 4.3inch screen candy bar style maybe even larger like the Dell "Streak" 5 inch. Also i dont need a keyboard I like touch screen .make it sexy with a brushed steel look or a cool changeable casing.I want a phone that feels like a man phone, heavy and solid . not the feminine style of the pre or pixi .

    kickstand to watch video on table or night stand

    Camera with Flash
    5 megapixels or more
    2X digital zoom
    LED flash

    Expandable Memory
    512 MB Flash
    512 MB RAM
    4 GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)

    Accelerometer that is very sensitive

    2600mAh or more

    built-in mic/voice control
    so i can make voice memos or dial by voice also so i can just talk to navigation like on the Samsung "Instinct"
    Second microphone for active noise cancellation

    Proximity sensor

    Light sensor


    divx player would be great

    not sure if this is possible but can you make a website/cloud that i can manage all my phones files contacts ect.

    o and Flash i have been teased with flash for way to long now . Make it happen

    build a great phone/device that will have a real life cycle . I will pay real money for a great phone I'm not cheap I'm not saying do all this and sell it to me for $99.99 . I'm considering the Dell Streak and they are saying it might cost over $1000.00 I would pay that for a great device. but I'm also a huge Sprint fan they have always been good to me and i save tons of money on my everything unlimited plan.

    As for the Apps if you build a great device I believe the developers will come . let it be open to all and don't limit or restrict any apps . let people do what they want

    Tell me if i forgot anything or something that you would change
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    a 4.3 inch touch screen, I think these are too excessive. I carry my phone in my jean pockets...that size would be extremely uncomfortable. Lower it down to the size of Iphone's screen.
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    Many people make threads like this.

    C40 mockup
    That's the only legit thread.
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    now listen
    julie baby it aint natural
    for you to try at midnight
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    I didnt mean to create a thread that has been done a million times . my bad just putting it out there what i want in a phone thinking maybe the person who can make it happen might just read it .
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    512 flash mb... lmao *** u think is this is 1999

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