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    I have a Pre from Bell (Canada) that I got in Oct 2009. In April I am moving down to Mexico and I would like to avoid buying a new phone (and to keep using this very nice one) while I'm down there. Is there a way to switch from Bell to Telcel?

    Any advice appreciated!
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    I think it's GSM, maybe you could talk to the Bell guys into unlocking your Pre, and you could use it here in Mexico.

    Sure, you would have to buy a local SIM but it can be done. Just unlock it
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    no chance. Bell is not GSM, you will have to sell your phone no matter what.

    no way around it at all. Just go down there and get a Pre on the GSM carrier down there
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    Ah, sorry, my mistake

    Telcel sells it for about $500USD, with a 12 month plan of about $50 a month, 200 minutes for calls 10 messages and unlimited internet (capped at 128k after 512Mb).
    If you want 300 messages you need to pop out another $8 a month.

    Now, if it's CDMA, maybe you can use it thru Iusacell. I don't know the costs, but I have a couple of friends that have their Pre with them (I think the Iusacell guys go to Sprint, activate them, and then they bring them over here to use them in their CDMA network).

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