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    Does anyone know what is inside the headset that comes with the phone and what the true pinout is?

    I'm trying to make something to let me record phone calls and use an external mic to do so. I do interviews for an MMA website and would love to record calls. My goal is:

    Pre headphone out L->computer mic in L
    Pre headphone out R->headphone R
    Stereo mic L->Pre mic in
    Stereo mic R->computer mic in R

    There's clearly some logic in the headset; I've seen schematics for blackberry and nokia headsets but none of those seem to work. Any help?
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    It's a standard 3.5mm 4-conductor jack:

    Apple iPhone headphone jack adapter pinout and wiring @

    I'd think something like this should maybe work:

    Skype and other VOIP headset adapter for iPhone F/F/M | ShowMeCables

    If you connect the audio out to the line in on your computer, and then connect an external mic, I think you should be able to record the other side of the call, though I've never tried it myself.

    I don't think that'd pick up your side of the call, but it sounds like that wouldn't matter too much for your use anyway.
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    If your looking for a quick fun project, this should be easy. The pinout link jhoff80 posted is correct. Or if you want to get it done quickly, you could buy an Olympus TP-7 for under $20.00

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