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    Well all of my pre's had a tendency to double type letters. However this one, that finally has a good screen, has a crappy H key!
    1/3 of the time the h types out with no issue
    1/3 of the time nothing shows up
    1/3 of the time I get a hh when I hit h once

    OK, so I've read conflicting reports, is this hardware or software. I'm guessing hardware. If I power down the phone, run my thumb across the keyboard with good pressure it gets better for a little while. Last thing I want is to have to do this repeatedly to have a functioning keyboard

    Other than that everything else is good, but since my buddy (new to the Pre and VZW) is now txt'n me all the time it's more of an issue.
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    I assume you have a Pre Plus?
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    Expand your vocabulary and stop using words containing letters between G-I. Look at me. Not a big deal.

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    LOL yes I have a Pre Plus.
    I'll try the tip on expanding my vocabulary and cutting out the letter h.
    On another note...I did the thumb rolling technique with my phone off. Powered it back up and the h works about 1/5 I get an hh and haven't had a miss since.

    I'm hoping that I don't have to do this periodically, but at least I have Black Tie protection from BB so I can simply swap the phone if I need too. The Palm profile makes setting up a new handset easy. However, I want to avoid that if I can
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    Ok so the black tie protection plan is a scam. I'm sold on the premise that I can have a loaner phone with equivalent features. A smartphone loaner for a smartphone, at least a phone that has exchange support so I can get my work email.
    All BB could offer me was a Samsung feature phone...I mean seriously! So I went to the VZW store and I'll have my 4th Pre Plus tomorrow The frown is for this being the fourth. I'm really scared to see what hardware issues I will have with the fourth one.

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