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    For palm sunday regardless of your religion because that doesnt really matter for the point of this everyone wear orange and be a walking spokesperson for palm
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    Well, I'm Catholic, that is a good idea. We could use a little divine help! I'm in.
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    maybe they'll ask people with hairy palms to promote too, wait...
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    That will be a negative sir
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    Not bad of an idea, but i don't have anything orange, dame. maybe if it is not snowing and freezing cold i will buy something tomorrow.
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    I think Palm would get in deep dudu from the religious right and fanatics.

    Good idea as far as we are concerned, but there could be too much negative blow back that could make things worse for Palm for making out with a publicity event from a Christian Holiday (the rising of Christ).

    Good thought, bad move if it was actually done!


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