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    i was on my phone yesterday in class and then all of a sudden it said restart needed so i did and when it booted back up it asked for me to sign into my palm profile. and once i did all of my applications were gone like preware and mobile hostspot but all my patches like VKB and character counter and stuff were still there? when i try to use WebOS doctor on it it doesnt connect unless i restart it while holding the volume up button so it shows that USB sorta screen and Webos doctor only gets about 4% through before it says that the device disconnected. id really like to get this fixed? any suggestions?
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    caj2008 has a thread that would help you out titled how to fix a bricked pre see if that helps.
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    Preware won't get restored via the Doctor or a full reset. Are you still able to get to webOS Quick Install? If so, then you may not need to Doctor the phone.
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    follow the link in my signature if you haven't found caj2008's thread

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