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    I'm at work and can't watch the basketball games but I figured out that if you choose the CBS Evening News channel in the Live category it actually shows the games. I figured it out just in time to see Kansas choke big time!

    Sorry, should have said that it's in the Sprint TV app
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    Link? I just went to from my Pre and I don't see this. Is it on the mobile website or the regular website?
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    No, you cant watch the games on your phone unless you have AT&T. If we had the Flash 10.1, we may be able to watch it.
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    This is in the Sprint TV application. Nice find!
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    thanks you are the man.. Going to come in handy monday.. WuTang he's talking about the Sprint TV app..
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    nice, thanks!
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    Thanks for the heads up...
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    Thanks this acutally works.
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    Holy cow!
    It does!
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    They're showing Utah St-Texas A&M, which is from yesterday.
    Not live, oh well.
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    It had the Kansas game on earlier, so idk why it has a game from yesterday on.. Oh well
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    They appeared to be having some problems. Maybe it is just temporary and they will go back to live.
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