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    I just purchased a Pre last Sunday and already I'm seeing some scratches being caused by sliding the phone open in a few spots (along the bottom keyboard bezel mainly, and only on the black plastic, not the mirror)

    I'm looking to see if this is normal for it to happen so quickly, as it's slightly depressing to see such a new device already be as scratched up as it is, they're also a bit too deep to buff out easily.

    Below I attempted to get some pics of the scratching. (Can't post links yet, so this was the best I could do)
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    I've had mine a few weeks. I'm not having that problem. How do you slide yours, I put my thumb in in the middle of the screen an use a snaping motion. If I try to push from the bottom I feel a good bit of resistance.

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    yes after a while ur going to get scratches do to the sliding of the keyboard.
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    i have a launch day pre and i have scratches on the mirror along with the plastic
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    yes, all the palm pres I've seen (or encountered) have the scratch on the back mirror...
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    +1 for same issues.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    on mirror and on sharp part at the bottom of the keyboard.
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    all my old pres have done it but my recent refurb pre is rock solid slider wise and doesn't show any scratches from opening and closing. My advice would be don't slide it up with your fingers on the home button. Also if your slider is loose it will cause the problem no matter what.

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