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    I live in Denmark, and use TDC as service provider. I have just bought my Palm Pre (Pre p100ueu) in Germany without a sim-lock. The first thing I did after receiving the phone was to install webOS 1.4 through the update app on the phone. Later I went to the app catalog, and was surprised to find that it was still at beta version, since the app catalog should no longer be in beta after the release of webOS

    Have anyone experienced the same problem or has a solution to it?

    The only solution that I can think of is to roll back using the webOS doctor, and then install webOS 1.4. The problem is that, I don’t know where to find the webOS, or if it will solve my problem. I have tried to google it and found to sites:

    The first site I tried to download it from was this site:


    but the link doesn't work at the moment. The second site I tried to download it from was the palm site:


    When I enter my phones serial number the website respond with:

    Error: We need more information....

    •We're sorry, but that serial number you have entered is not valid.

    I have tried to enter several times to make sure I got it right, but it seems that my serial number doesn’t exist.

    I would be awesome if someone could tell me where to download webOS doctor or other ways to solve my problem, so I can enter the exiting app world :-)


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