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    For me, the browser has really been the only thing that drains my battery horribly ( besides AIM and mail set to as items arrive). I swear, I'll click a link or go to a site and it will drain like a percent every 30 secs.

    For example, I will click a click a link for a topic starting at like 60%. By the time I look at the page, go back, and maybe go to two more topics, I'll be down to like 55 percent. But when I don't visit any sites, my battery will percentage will just sit and not move. Right when I start visiting sits and click on links again, the drain will start. It has been this way for all my Pre's ( been throguh like 10 lol) and I also have two batteries; it's been the same for all the phones and with each battery in.

    Anyone understand why? My battery doesn't even drain this bad using Pandora.
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    ^bump does anyone have any information related to this, and a possible solution?
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    have you tried downloading the battery monitor app to get more accurate data the browser is a resource hog though.
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    How is your signal strength? I have been browsing consistently all day and mine is down to 37% but I don't get many emails. I have a full signal no wifi nearby and have left wifi on.

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    it's because it's not the actual batt pct ur seeing. Palms mapping sometimes bugs and jumps when multitasking, browsing, etc. Having aim, email push, and browsing is similar to multitasking while browsing
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    maybe you should run the webos repair utility on your phone to see if there are any bugs ??
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I've kept my phone stock right due to all the bugs people have been reporting; I've had a few with 1.4 as it is with the phone stock. I'm going to try the repair utility and see if that helps.

    I've noticed that the battery percentage is off because when I run the battery test it will be off from the actual percentage from the test and from the battery monitor homebrew app. But if the monitor is off, why does phone die when the percentage says 0?
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    the phone registers the percent mapping and uses that

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