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    I purchased a Palm Pre yesterday at Radio Shack and the rep there said the Pre has been discontinued. When they sell out that'll be it. I had a Sprint Rep say the same thing. I purchased mine at the Houston Radio Shack on Kirby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    What's the obsession with 4g? It's yet another thing along with multi-tasking that normal people don't care about or understand.
    It's called geek hype.

    I just now realized why the iPhone 3G actually sold well even tho AT&T didn't have 3G service out but in a few cities.

    It's because the word 3G was out and about long before AT&T came along. Sprint & Verizon were the ones who created the geek hype, known as 3G, long before AT&T was even thinking about 3G. So Apple capitalized on this... "People know what 3G is. People want 3G. I'll give them the iPhone 3G w/ 3G radio... just no 3G service!"

    A 4G PRE WILL *NOT* WORK FOR PALM. They need to work on their disadvantages right now, to become a better rounded outfit. The benefits realized after jumping from 3G to 4G are virtually nil. Latency is still high. Pages still render at 500MHz (or whatever) speeds in a javascript browser. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON GEEK HYPE, PALM! YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ATTEMPTED ADVERTISING TO MY GRANDMOTHER YET!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Apple released the iPhone on multiple carriers at/or around the same time.
    Not in the same country they didn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Wasn't the Palm Pre 'a real killer'? Are you saying that phone was actually a dud? A phone being a killer for a network has nothing to do with technical features, it has to be the potential for it selling units and getting people to sign contracts.

    The release of the Pre was a key moment because there was potential in the line, the sky was the limits - the situation is different now, WebOS is a platform that does not shift units. That could be for marketing, it could be for hardware, whatever - the bottom line for the carriers is the same - WebOS devices don't sell - Palm is now in a situation where it has to convince partners that this next device *will* sell.

    As for the financial situation not mattering, get real, the carriers know that Palm is desperate for a) sales and b) revenue and has just launched two device that have flopped, it can't afford a third, that gives them the whip-hand in any contractual negotiations.
    Everything you're saying is ok, but everyone here knows that Pre's and Pixi's form factors aren't the best sellers right now. If you want to sell like hotcakes you need (and this was exactly the same when the Pre was released):

    1) Huge screen
    2) Landscape hardware keyboard, or total absence of it.

    Blackberries are the exception for that rule.

    It's a pity, because I prefer the Pre's and Pixi's form factors, but the guy taking beers in the bar only understands "What a huge screen!".

    About financial matters, again, if the product is cool, Palm can play with the fact that there are other carriers in the pipeline, as always. They aren't in the better position, everybody knows it, but this changes each minute, don't forget.

    Here in Spain, carriers don't look far away from how many contracts they can steal from the others each month. I assume in the US it's the same.
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