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    am i the only one having problems with google maps? no matter where i am, or if i'm on wifi or evdo, when trying to open google maps, it just tells me that it requires an internet connection with the 5 bars above it. i used to have the latitude patch installed from preware, but since took it off, and still nothing. any help?
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    google maps for the pre is absolutely horrible. It's better that it doesn't work at all that way you won't be fustrated as all can be when you actually do use it and it's almost unuseable.
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    it works fine for me, but it does take a little long to load the maps. Sometimes it gives me that error when I have a good connection, but usually within a few seconds it starts loading if I leave the card open. But overall, sprint navigation is much much better as of right now. Not sure for vz though
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    No problems here - it takes longer to load if the connection is slow, but that is no surprise ... Works well on 3G or WLAN
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    Mine generally loads fine, but it is DOG slow since the last update or two. I think it used to cache some maps in the app, but now it downloads everything over what seems to be the slowest data connection in the world. Given what a crucial app it is, it's embarrassing (for google and Palm) how slow it is.

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