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    Ok, so yesterday I woke up and it was a normal day, everything worked great on my Pre. Then the phone froze and reset (some what typical since 1.4, annoying in it's own right.) But then the weird stuff started to happen. Here is the list of everything that I slowly found during the day and leading up to this point now.

    -All alarms from the Timepiece app are gone
    -Had to hit "Done" as if I just finished setting up all of my contacts.
    -Internet has been slow
    -Had to re-enter my facebook password
    -Couple peoples pics are not showing up, just in the messaging app
    -Newsroom won't connect, had to delete the app and re-download, adding back all of my RSS feeds.
    -Preware loaded like as if I downloaded a new version of it.
    -App catalog prompted to accept the license agreement like I never used it before.
    -Tweet wouldn't load for a bit.
    -The named pages patch, which I have each page with a name instead of the defaults #1, #2, etc at the top....all my names disappeared...I had re-type them all!!

    Anyone have any clue what the hell happened? My Palm backups seem to have been running perfectly fine nightly, and why during a lock up/reboot would this occur?
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    Wow, I've had a few luna restarts, but never anything like that. Almost sounds like some files got corrupted, very strange indeed.

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    Sounds like you had a disconnect from the palm profile and then everything had to be redownloaded...somehow you didn't have to re-enter you profile pw, but the symptoms sound like a profile reset!

    The internet is probably slow because it's download background info. Don't be surprised if your battery sucks today/tomorrow.
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    Several of your issues were about apps that had forgot that they were run before. I've gotten that, too. It's not similar but separate problems with different apps, it's several apps being affected by the same problem

    Something, somewhere, maybe system wide, gets reset and apps load as if they are first-run. But since the app is already populated with data, it simply displays it.
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    .... bad case of memory loss.......jk
    This does sound weird.

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