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    Just wondering if I am the only one that knows this little trick to get internet videos to play in card view and mini card view in the background and everything else stills works and video plays flawlessly, one simple gesture swipe and boom
    Video link-- this was recorded from another pre currently uploadED
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    swipe how?
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    Ok Quick tutorial: So in on your favorite website that allow you to either 'stream or download" the video. Now click that video, BUT before you click stream get your hand ready for the gesture...Immediately after you click "stream" do a up swipe from the gesture area to go2 card view(you will notice the video is still loading in the background) The video will start playing!! You can use the any other app u like and it will still play in the background..Will post a video soon as I can find non-adult site, by the way I discovered this while @ work clicked a video and my boss came by so I swiped up and the video loaded and played...sidenote have not been able to get this to work with youtube player yet
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    did your boss hear the sound from the "adult site" as it continued to play in card view?
  5.    #5 but I did thats how it caught my attention so i am prove that it can be done
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    I think it is hilarious that you are at work looking at adult sites. Not judging but...
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    Not all the time just here and there when I get bored lol
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    They have support groups for that type of behavior lol
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    (Hand Raised) My name is James and I have a ....... problem lol thanks guys..the fact that its a adult site is getting more attention than what I actually was able to do lol
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    Video link is up
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    Interesting wonder if that will work with all streaming videos
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    if you guys have that new spb tv it also plays in card view ...v 0.7.7 I think it's been updated to 8.2 not sure...
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    works for any videos that you can stream still tryin 2 figure out how to get youtube 2 do this naturally

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