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    First time Palm user here. I'm digging my pre more than Iphone that I use to have. Forget about the android phones. They will never beat OS for a long run. They might fool us with all these different kinds of phone coming out every minutes, but who are they fooling here? Anyhow, I know Palm is having hard time right now. But I support them. They won't go down. New palm phone will be out soon. all the haters out there, keep talking. we are not going down!!!!
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Seriously +1 here

    I see the amazing potential on this platform, and all the positive support Palm has given to the community and the developer community. If Palm and WebOS don't make it, the mobile OS platform will have lost its heart.
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    webos will live on regardless im sure .... palm on the other hand is hard to say right now unless they have a phone to beat all phones already developed !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Makes my heart hurt...
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    palm rules. No matter what!
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    Now the reality.....if they dont survive and are bought up for the IP, with no mentioned of GPL'ing the source code in could take a few months to over a year to build most drivers.....even longer to build the ones with no datasheets. I started working on slimming down the OS for my projects needs but its just not worth the trouble sadly, too many built binaries with no code to be able to change except what I find in the Zoom2 and openpandora Project(matter of fact my primary OS is built from their repo since they have identical specs and have even thanked palm for helping get a working GPU driver for their systems) Ubuntu MID or Ubuntu for ARM along with Android(my project is quad core) If palm survives I will have all the hardware completed and will only require custom drivers and gui apps.

    Its hard for me to say I exactly support them completely due to too many knowns. dont want to waste time writing code that will not go to full use or lose support. I can however state that I have been buying up as many defective phones as possible since No other phone montherboard has EVER been built so perfect or many uses.
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    I support palm too as long as I have my pixi. I show people my pixi everyday in hope that maybe they will buy one for themselves.
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    I don't understand why you are so emotional for a company??

    it's all business, My friend.

    I'm a diehard palm fan...been this way since the treo 600 days (long time ago).

    in the end though: it's the battle of the fittest.. Palm NEEDS to hurry and release something groundbreaking to stay afloat.

    good news for us consumers: we have other choices.

    although we may not like the other options, Palm must do something groundbreaking and innovative.

    like the Engadget article, they showed lots of Promise at CTIA, but then release the Pre 6 months later... That was a delay in my opinion
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    man I hope palm stays around for a long time. I used to be one of those guys who always switches phones for "the next best thing". I can honestly say that I can keep the pre for along time. I can't see myself using another os anymore
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    I love my Pre also. Only thing that I can't stand is the battery, but I have learned to live lean if I won't be with my charger.
    Pre can do everything that all the Techarody have been asking for and are still asking for. They have a nice app store and also allow users to easily use unapproved apps. Along with not breaking my Pre when updates come through.
    The thing I love most about my Pre is being able to have as many email accounts and the ability to view any of my mail folders.
    Palm please come through with some super amazing firmware update that will give me all day battery.
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    if a company shows us love (Palm), then we return the favor.

    if Palm does cease to release newness, then there should be no more love.

    (I'm the biggest palm fan there is too)
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    Ultimately, the lack of confidence can stifle developers, and we all know that apps are a huge selling point. I'm a fan, but if they don't have a gamechanger soon, I don't know if they can recover...and I think they went all in on the Pre - I don't know what else they've got.
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    I am with WebOS. So far, no other phone or OS that can come close to Pre, in term of combined productivity and fun. I looked hard at what other phones offer, the Droid, Nexus One, iPhone all just seems lacking something.

    To turn Palm around, they have to hire new marketing people. Jon is an engineer, not a marketeer. I point all the mistakes by Palm back to their marketing. From the timing of the release (just before iPhone), to bad Ad, to relying too much on carriers to sell the phone, to not catch Verizon's bad sales early and do something, etc. I want to say Jon should fired the whole marketing team.
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