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    I had the Pre on Sprint, and now I have the Pre Plus on Verizon. Both of them have the same issue. My pictures seem to have a blue tint in the middle. Has anyone experienced this? If so, is there anything I can do about it? I've looked at other pictures taken on the Pre, and they don't seem to have this problem.
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    Others have reported it and posted pictures and from what I've seen, I can only make one conclusion:

    I must be blind.

    I suppose another possibility monitor sucks.
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    it's ur imagination....
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    I see nothing...check your retinas. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    it's ur imagination....
    That's what I was thinking...there's an old thread somewhere that has different people posting different pictures and all of them talking about the bluish tint in the center but I couldn't see Jack Squat.
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    his eyes are **-bared !! i have 20-15 eyesight in both eyes so.......
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    I dont see any blue tint...and I have a nice hdmi 24in lcd....
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    It could be the fluorescent lighting. It emits a strong blue and green with a deficiency in red. Try testing somewhere with natural light.
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    it is because of the home depot ---
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    Best way to test this is take a picture in good lighting of a wall or a white piece of paper. Then we'll be able to see more clearly.
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    Here is a good representation of what I'm talking about.
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    I see the tint in the first and second picture. I hope my attachment helps others see it. I have my monitors set to show a greater contrast between certain colors (makes staring at text and assorted gray boxes all day easier).

    I'm skeptical about the cause though. Try taking some pictures with different light source types.

    PS I only have access to MS Paint (I will weep every time I come across this picture )

    [edit] Is that a freaking 10 bladed fan or just some amazing non blurred motion thanks to the florescent lights?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    It could be the fluorescent lighting. It emits a strong blue and green with a deficiency in red. Try testing somewhere with natural light.
    i think you nailed it -- every picture posted that is showing these problems is of a "white" florescent light fixture -- white light is not white in color -- ever played with a prism? florescent lamps come in many colors and in addition to the fact that they are florescent the fixtures that have been the focus of these pictures appear to be high output -HO - lamps which would broadcast even more heavily of a blue tint

    i don't think it is the palms camera but the subject of the photos
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    I saw no blue tink, some are able to see colors better than I.
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    I was taking pictures at work and noticed the same thing. I took a few photos outside and the blue effect was gone.
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    i too have this issue, and i don't think it's related to florescent lighting at all, i've taken pictures out at the beach and in the middle of the picture there is that blue circular area that somehow has this same issue.

    it must be camera must be sensative to light. idk

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    I'm on a 30in Cinema Display "color calibrated" and see no off the wall blue. The lighting in that picture has a slight blue to it but that's about it.
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