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    I need on my way to sprint to buy a bluetooth for my palm pre, does anybody knws which bluetooth works best for this phone wit a good voice cancelation??? OR does it even matter what store I go to, I had the old plantronic n it worked good, lost it then I had the blue ant but the batt was suck n It broke, I need a good one cause I work in construction, lots of noise
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    nothing beats a jawbone, in my humble opinion.
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    I use my MOTO S9-HD for both music and convos and it works great. There is nothing even close to my mouth but everyone hears me perfectly fine.
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    Jawbone is great, had one until it fell out of my pocket somewhere........I've got a Cirago earpiece, tiny little thing, works quite well, doesn't make me look like a tool if I forget it's in there. Doesn't really matter what store you get it at, or what brand, they all work the same. Look for something with noise cancelling on your end, is all.
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    newest jawbone (icon) works best for sound clarity/quality/noise cancellation. downside is no a2dp (music streaming). Also have a blueant q1 and jabra 530, both of which have a2dp and work well.
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    my bluetooth is old i have a jabra BT8010 so i would be able to listen to music as well
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    i just got back fr sprint i got me the motorola ENDEAVOR HX1, this s h i t is bad a ss, it sounds nice
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    I have a plantronics discovery the newest one. It works great but it's also 120 bucks. I heard Jawbones are hit and miss with people. I suggest you got to best buy and try one and if you don't like it or it doesn't meet you need take it back and try a different until you find one that does. I suggest best buy because I don't think sprint sells the the jawbone.
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    i just notice u guys messages n i didnt think about that...the MUSIC!!!! i dont think i can listen to my music with the moto HX1 DAM!!!
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    Right now you can get the Plantronics 925 on Amazon and Buy for $40. I got one recently and the sound quality is really amazing. It's a bit garish, but ultimately, it pairs like a dream and I can clearly hear people while driving (which is a HUGE difference from my old Plantronics 855)

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