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    I was looking at the posts around my tether and other wifi tethering apps, my question is besides donating to get the app are there any other charges involved? i remember when i set up my sprint account a year ago there was a option to buy tethering. i have unlimited data usage, is that all i need? i see no mention to a charge but i want to make sure before buying my tether 2.1. Also on a side note does "unlimited data" really mean unlimited? is there a excessive amount i have to download b4 they charge me?
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    Sprint use to offer PAM, but no longer. That was the legitimate way to tether, and Sprint charged I think around $15.00 a month for that. That no longer exists. Mytether is a nice alternative. As the donation is required if you want their support you have to buy it. If you want to just try it out yourself and don't want their support than you can do a google or youtube search and find other ways to get mytether 2.1 for free.

    Just remember your plan may be unlimited but if you continually use more than 5gb of data every month than you may get a letter from Sprint. It has been a long time since I have seen Sprint send out one of these letter.
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    "unlimited data" is from your phone only, you can't use it as a modem for your computer. They offer mobile broadband modems just for that purpose, $50 a month for 5GB on a seperate data plan from your phone plan. They removed phone as modem services once 3G USB dongles hit the market.

    That said, if you don't abuse it, they won't say anything. But, if you decide to download a full Blu Ray movie, and suck down 8 gigs of data in a week, expect to get a nice letter telling you not to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdaspeed6 View Post
    i have unlimited data usage, is that all i need? i see no mention to a charge but i want to make sure before buying my tether 2.1.
    I just installed My Tether and it is the only item needed that costs anything. I also had to update my Java, and install the Palm SDK, but neither cost anything. If you are already registered and have 'donated' to MyTether, then you have access to their 'donor only' site, where you'll find the instructions/links for the install of MyTether as well as Java and the Palm SDK. My install went very smoothly, it's a piece of cake.

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    i emailed sprint and asked them is the unlimited plan for the phone was truly unlimited and there response was....

    Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the data access charges.

    The Everything Data Share 1500 Plan is added on your account, which include unlimited Internet access. Therefore, be assured you can access the unlimited data without any additional charge on both the lines (Palm Pre & Blackberry) of your account.

    Thank you again for emailing us. Have a great day.

    Angelea S.

    I did not mention it was tethered but simply whether data was limited
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    You should ask them if it's only unlimited for on-device usage.
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    It isn't truly unlimited. It's suggested to use no more then 5 gigs a month. I'm not saying they're going to charge you if you go over a bit, but they will take notice. If you continue to "abuse" your unlimited data, they have the right to terminate your contract. As long as you don't torrent on your tethered computer, you shouldn't have a problem.
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    They stopped the phone as modem plan when they started selling USB mobile broadband sticks for laptops and the like. Actually, there are a few plans that you can add the PAM service to, but the Everything plans aren't one of them. PAM can be added to the low-end voice only plans, with an added $30 data pack, and the $15 PAM pack. You just have to know to ask for it.

    Pretty much what I was told is tethering isn't supported, but as long as you don't go nuts with it (like playing WoW for hours at a time every day) nobody will say anything. Start banging over 5 gigs a month, or 300mb roaming data, and yeah............somebody will notice.

    Verizon does have both tethering and mobile hot spot, but both are add-on services to the data plan. $40 a month for Mobile Hot Spot, and a 5GB cap. The thing that kills me Everything 450 plan costs me $85 a month, with texting, unlimited mobile to mobile, all that stuff, and I've got the Sprint TV Premier pack, or whatever....the $10 add on to the base TV setup. TEP in there, too. Verizon with just 500 texts, no Friends and Family, not Verizon to Verizon, nada..........base plan with the add-ons to make it the same as Sprint........dear God. Double the price for less. You wonder why VZW customers are complaining..........

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