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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Verizon won't be around in 6 months?
    Verizon does not have customer service they tell you to contact Palm.

    6 Months or so...
    dial 411. Number to Palm Support please.
    411 says Palm? no number found
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    Quote Originally Posted by omeyga View Post
    Even if Palm went bankrupt, that doesn't mean they go away. Companies frequently go belly up, then return to full service and prosper.
    Yes, this is almost always the case, especially when deep in hole with no cash and almost no prospects for further investments.

    The Palm is very cool. If the price drops as is expected, look at it this way. It's a cheap phone you can get with a lot of flexibility. By the time you outgrow it, if you do, you'll be able to buy something else or continue on the platform if it's still there.
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    if you like the phone, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to buy. If the phone is defective, just replace it. I would go with the monthly insurance plan, so that if later down the road, Palm bites the dust and is no longer, and your phone dies before the end of your contract, your insurance provider will replace your phone with whatever phone is equivalent. At that time, it could be the droid.... who knows. Not like you're going to lose.
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    Palm's long term prospects may be in question, but I agree, they won't disappear overnight...or even in the next 6 months as some have suggested. At the very least try it for 30 days... Even in it's current state (which will CERTAINLY only get even better) it's an awesome phone, with a lot of great apps available. See if you don't agree.

    Blueray's comments are certainly reassuring as well. You've got nothing to lose.
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    don't buy a pre plus, buy a regular pre. The money you will save by not being on verizon will allow you to afford palms next phone this year.
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    I would buy one for the fact that ylu can try it out thirty days and by that time you will wonder how you did without it. The WebOS sells itslef and you will not be disappointed.

    This is just the latest of the news and everyone is just jumping on the story. They will be around in on fashion or another so if you want it, go for it and experience what it has to offer.
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