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    OK, this is really bizarre. I've been using a Jawbone bluetooth earpiece with my Pre Plus and it's been working fine until today. This afternoon, I tried to answer the phone and the audio stayed on the phone. The phone is connected to the earpiece. I tested the earpiece with my wife's phone and it works fine, so it's no the earpiece. When I try to make a call, it goes directly to the phone's earpiece. If I tap the button and select bluetooth, it immediately switches back to the phone audio despite the fact that bluetooth is connected. I reset the phone with no luck. Anyone else with this problem?

    UPDATE: Ok, i completely turned off the phone, removed the battery, re-inserted the battery and restarted it, and now the bluetooth is working correctly again. Rather strange.
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    Don't be so quick to say it is working again; I have had many Bluetooth issues with the update to 1.4, and so have others.

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