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    and please dont let Palm die lol. The interface is nowhere good as palm's. Sense was a drastic improvement over the stock ui on the samsung moment next to it but overall the experience felt subpar. i tried the weather channel app since it was on the HTC Hero and on my pre. It looked like trash. most the apps did and noticed I couldnt find any 3d games. Is Android not capable of it?

    so with the possibility of palm dying. I checked out the competition available on sprint. none of them made we want to leave webos. maybe android 2.1 is better but the Android phones on sprint sucked in terms of consumer friendliness. Blackberries too. The trackball was barely working.

    I regained my appreciation for webos today. The only phone i have personally played with that measures up to it is the iphone. hopefully palm's pulls it out and puts out a new phone even though it looks like the end of days right now.

    praying for a Pre2
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    Quote Originally Posted by prefanatic View Post
    ...please dont let Palm die...
    Just in case you have not see this thread.
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    Brands die. I mean, except for like, Hershey's. And Victoria's Secret. You kinda need both of those, otherwise the world might implode.

    We shall see. Palm's been on the downhill slide for a couple of years now. I want to see them survive, too, I love their product. Just remember, there are Edsel fan clubs, too...........

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