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    First off, I love my pre, I will not trade it, and I am not trying to say it it is an inferior device. That aside, over the last 3 days I've had 3 crashes doing the exact same thing with my pre.

    I have 4 alarms in the morning to wake me up... I usually get up by the 2nd one, but sometimes it does get to the 3rd one going off before I'm able to dismiss them. The first alarm does time out before the 2nd one goes off, but the 3rd one goes off before the 2nd one times out. The issue this causes is a complete system crash and reboot when I unlock the screen. 3 times in a row the past 3 days I unlock the screen and attempt to enter the pin only to see the PALM logo flash up. This is very frustrating, and I know I could change my alarms, but then I probably wouldn't wake up. Perhaps there is some way to lower the timeout of alarms going off? It seems to be somewhere around 45 minutes.

    Onto my complaint... WHY CAN I ONLY SET ALARMS IN 5 MINUTE INTERVALS? I've looked everywhere for a patch and can't find one... If I have a pizza cooking that takes 12 minutes, I want to set an alarm for 12 minutes! My LG enV did this, so do my parents' 3 year old flip phones, why can't my pre?
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    There's two codes to be able to set the alarm in 1 minute intervals and to get rid of the notification on the bottom but I can't find the thread. One of the codes is "hold orange + 4231" to get rid of the notification... the other code is a word but i can't remember it. Both codes are references to a canadian hockey team, I believe.

    My alarm has been going off an hour AFTER I set the alarm. Is that a bug? Will a visit with the doctor help?
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    My alarm goes off 1 min before the time it is suppose to go off, and than goes off again during the actual time. There is no reason there isn't an update for all of the alarm issues going on. When an update comes out we should all expect bugs, but it shouldn't take this long to fix them.
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    "sixtyten" is the magic word to get the 1 minute intervals according to this thread:
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