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    is it possible?
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    I don't think so.
    • No CBS via Sprint TV - not sure about on Verizon
    • No dedicated app
    • No flash support

    But if I'm wrong, I'd love to know.
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    It's on the ESPN Mobile TV
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegame2388 View Post
    It's on the ESPN Mobile TV
    Thats a negative. ESPN only shows news and recaps. Live games are ONLY on CBS or the special package you can order with your cable/satellite provider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepymonkey View Post
    is it possible?
    Not until we get Flash on the Pre.
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    ? I'm watching a live NCAA game right now via Sprint TV in the ESPN channel.
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    ESPN has the NIT. NCAA tourney is on CBS only.
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