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    I want to buy some cabes, and maybe just some tips, but I need to know the designation of the Pre's port, something like a "KY-69" port or whateverit is.
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    It's just Micro-USB, as far as I know...
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    Nice example code...I know what you did last night...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpr View Post
    Nice example code...I know what you did last night...
    sorry, but those two codes don't mix ... Yuck!!
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    ok, I'll look for micro USB unless someone has better ideas...
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    Thanks for the info, by the way!
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    The tip for the Igo from the Shack, which I assume you mean is the A-69
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    Standard micro USB port. Any Palm cable with that tip will work, i.e. 800w, Treo Pro, or Pixi. Sprint carries a data cable, works with..........

    Also works with: [BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone, BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 Smartphone, BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 Smartphone non-camera, KATANA® Eclipse by Sanyo®, KATANA® LX by Sanyo®, LG LX 290, LG LX370, LG Lotus Elite™, LG Lotus™, LG Rumor2™, LX400 by LG®, M240 by Samsung®, M330 by Samsung®, MOTORAZR˛ V9m by Motorola, MOTORAZR™ VE20 by Motorola, Motorola® Renegade™ V950, PRO-200 by Sanyo®, PRO-700 by Sanyo®, Palm® Pixi™, Palm® Pre™, Palm® Treo™ 800w, S1 by Sanyo®, SANYO Incognito™, SANYO SCP-3810, SCP-2700 by SANYO®, Samsung Exclaim™, Samsung Highnote™, Samsung Instinct® HD, Samsung Intrepid™, Samsung Moment™ with Google™, Samsung Rant™, Samsung Reclaim™, Treo™ PRO by Palm®]

    Just stick with a high-quality cable, cheap ones aren't worth the money.
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    Got to monoprice and get some cheap micro usb cables..they work with Pre

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