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    Recently my Pre screen has been having a strange issue, where when switching between open apps using advanced gestures, the screen will dim and then freeze momentarily with both apps showing transposed on top of each other, usually staggered. After a moment, the screen then flickers, like a florescent light starting, and the app I was switching to loads fully in the screen and the brightens up again. Any idea if this is software related or whether I might have a hardware issue?

    I am running an unpatched pre, with just 2 homebrew apps loaded, Music Remix and Preset Reset. This is a refurb pre that I got about 3 weeks ago, and unfortunately my son dropped my phone on the wood floor in my kitchen last weekend, so I am wondering if something might have happened internally to cause the problem.
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    have you tried to doctor it? I would run webOS doctor and see if still happens. If it does I'd chalk it up to hatdware at that point. Sounds like software issue to me though.

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