I'm on my second pre plus. The first one had a terrible key repeat issue but the second is much better, even after several weeks.

Both devices had issues where they would not wake when I pressed the power button or keys. The second one got upgraded to 1.4 both OTA and later webdoctored.

although I initially ran cpu speed patches, I quickly stopped when I had issues but the reboots and lockups continued. Worse yet perhaps, the second phone has an issue where sometimes I can't make or receive callss until I reboot.

I was contemplating re-activating my Treo 650 because the missed calls and emails is a big problem but as a last ditch effort, I redoctored and have been running for a week with no patches or add-on apps at all.

Other than one issue the first morning where my pre plus was completely dead after a night on the touchstone, the phone has been rock solid.

not the first lockup or reboot. I still experience erratic behavior in the video recorder but that's it.

I miss the apps and patches (and preware) but I'm enjoying the stability. Eventually, I'll have to decide about adding an app or two from the store and then waiting a week or maybe adding homebrew apps only with webosqi instead of preware...

Maybe one app was to blame but I'm hard pressed to know which one since these issues are intermittent. Still- one week. Woo-hoo!