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  • Under 14: Kid, you don't know how lucky you are!

    6 0.67%
  • 15-17

    35 3.93%
  • 18-20

    42 4.72%
  • 21-25

    148 16.63%
  • 26-30

    160 17.98%
  • 31-35

    117 13.15%
  • 36-40

    112 12.58%
  • 41-45

    95 10.67%
  • 46-50

    64 7.19%
  • 50 and up

    111 12.47%
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    What should a 14 yo person vote?
    And a 50 yo one?

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    First post! I'm 45, and a very proud pre owner.
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    The fourth aneversery of my 21st birthday is comming up in June. :-)
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    16! I feel outta place with all the old people ha
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    Just to make my 10th post: 54

    I still have 8" floppy disks here - these were the real "floppy" disks! They held a whopping 256k per side, and were manufactured by digital equipment. Used them to run the batch house providing raw material mix for a wine bottle factory. :/

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    Ok,OK,OK, anybody older? 60
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    I'm 24 and I'm already beginning to worry about where I'll be when I'm 30. That's why I'm planning to start some classes in the fall lol. Better late then never I guess...
    I'm doing that now, won't actually start classes until fall either. Don't worry.......everything you learn now will be basically useless in five years. Except maybe phys ed.
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    im 34
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    37. My son plays with it and he is 17 months old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    Oh my; you look young in your pic! Tell me your secret?
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    13 now.
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    i was surprised when i saw a vote result. it's quite balanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer22 View Post
    Ok,OK,OK, anybody older? 60
    Not yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer22 View Post
    Ok,OK,OK, anybody older? 60
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1215b View Post
    i was surprised when i saw a vote result. it's quite balanced.
    Yeah, tell me about it.

    I quite frankly was (and still am) shocked to see that the 50+ crowd has outpaced my own (35-40) and everyone under 20.

    But this is a good thing. It proves that there is a good percentage of older folk who care enough to stay current with technology. Of course, it's not really the 50-somethings I was ever worried about. It's the 60+ers who typically shy away from all things tech.

    My dad (67) still has trouble copying a file from one folder to another in the Windows File Explorer. In fact, I've been on him for over a year now to upgrade to DSL. He must be the only person left in all of the civilized world who still uses 56k dial-up to get online. And, no, it's not because his computer is too outdated to take an ethernet card. I recently convinced him to get a new Dell, so he's all set hardware wise. He says he doesn't mind how long it takes to pull up a site. "I'm in no rush" were his exact words.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I be 44 years old jest two weeks ago.
    Me too
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    60 the day before April Fool's day, Happy Birthday then! My Dad used to say, You can be young once, but immature forever!"

    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    40 on april fool's day
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    30yr old here...

    But if you ask my wife she'll tell you I act about 7
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    I'm still using my Treo Pro. I've been considering a Pre. Like all my purchases - I read, read, read-up before I buy. Lately, my age has become real evident to me as I try to learn something new - WebOS.

    (A Neil Young song comes to mind)
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